It certainly means that one needs to consider the ramifications. But, all hysteria aside on both sides, I think one will find that very few homicides are committed by those who carry with permit. The places that are jungles with many homicides are by those with illegal guns or carrying with out permit. In Kansas, we have open carry . Meaning I could carry my gun strapped openly without concealment. I don't have a ccp so I can't carry it hidden.

With that, I can't rember when I've seen anyone with a gun on them. Unless they were hunting. So it really isn't a big deal in Kansas. We can have a gun in our vehical concealed but who goes looking at people in their car.

It's not the "Wild West" . Truly, it is quite safe to come to Kansas, in spite of having Sam Brownback as governor (a little wink)

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time