I was sure there were a few cases, Dave, but 2 of those are > 10 years old.
MY question is do the benefits outweigh the risks of many carrying guns. IF someone is carrying a gun they are more apt to use it... they may be sane and fine today, but what about 5- 10 years down the road. Or if they're stressed by some personal situation?

I just think the "old wild west" attitude doesn't work. There were sound legitimate reasons they had you check your guns when you went into town back then. And even back then many needed guns because police forces weren't around, there were varmints to protect yourself against, to hunt for food, survival of the fittest, ... many good reasons to carry a gun. Yet even then you couldn't take them into many towns. I just deem this idiocy by the NRA and gun sellers to make a bigger profit.
David (OFI)