What can I say?

Blessed are the pure of heart...
...that's never witnessed prejudice first hand.

But when
Trayvon says over phone that some Crazy ass Cracker is following him.

it may not be
.. illegal. He can say any thing he wants and it's not illegal.

but to anyone "knowing the code", that means he's
in fear of some unidentified white guy the word,
"cracker" being code for "red-neck" which is
synonymous with the type of person that might
historically lynch or otherwise murder black men,
generally vulnerable boys... which is code for,

which in your break-down, might not be "illegal"
but to many people, it's the justification for him
to take evasive action, run (not illegal) attempt
to hide (duck between buildings) (not illegal)
and when the "Crazy Ass Cracker" persisted in
pursuit, (legal?) take the only other option left
open in regard to "the flight or fight" response.

And here's where we enter Fuzzy Territory...

Justice Served?

Guess we'll never know.
Seems like a lot of details never found their way
into the courtroom, possibly by the machinations of
a slick lawyer who knew how to play the system.

In any case, something has to change the narrative...
...otherwise the wound will continue to fester until
the infection becomes life-threatening...
...and not just to people of color. frown