***Trayvon hits George at least two times. George is on ground with Trayvon on top of him.. ILLEGAL

Actually, no. Since, as you admit yourself, nobody knows anything prior to this, the circumstances -- even if Trayvon struck George sometime during the encounter, or Trayvon being on top of George (disputed) sometime during the encounter -- are in doubt. Trayvon could have as easily been defending himself as the reverse. Disputed legality.

evidence shows Trayvon had hit George then George pled self defense in his shooting of Trayvon.

Evidence shows Trayvon may have struck George. George claims this was the reason he shot Trayvon. There is no evidence as to cause and effect -- George could have easily pulled his gun, thereby giving Trayvon reason to hit George and fight for his life. Or not. That's the problem: there's no way to prove things one way or the other, thus the not guilty verdict.

I submit that under Florida law, it's entirely possible neither of the participants did anything illegal. Which is the tragedy ... and the real threat that these kind of laws, that depend on entirely subjective and emotional perceptions, represent.