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Feel free to put up a cogent argument anytime.

*fingers tapping...*

I won't respond in kind.

But from one Crazy ass Cracker to another crazy ass Cracker

George, was going to target to shop. Not illegal

He was carrying. Not illegal . Why was he carrying ? Like most, for protection.

He observed an individual walking in the neighborhood . Not illegal to observe.

Trayvon was walking in the neighborhood after getting snacks. Not illegal

George turns is car to follow because the way he was walking looked suspicious (George's words). Not illegal

Trayvon is talking on his phone. Not illegal.

George calls 911 non emergency. Not illegal
Says punks are always getting away. Not illegal

He stops his car. Says he is getting out. Not illegal
911 dispatch says "we don't need you to do that" . But it's not illegal

Trayvon says over phone that some Crazy ass Cracker is following him. Not illegal. He can say any thing he wants and it's not illegal.

Trayvon moves along away from George. Not illegal

A confrontation between them. Not illegal. We don't know what's said.

We don't know what happens until

***Trayvon hits George at least two times. George is on ground with Trayvon on top of him.. ILLEGAL

George shoots Trayvon .......disputed legality

But jury finds that George acted in self defense.

He is not guilty.

***. evidence shows bloody nose and a bruise near eye brow. Also two lacerations on back of head not on same curvature so would indicate two hits on sidewalk or something hard in grass

In my opinion. Both individuals were legal to be a doing what they did until they came to blows. Since evidence shows Trayvon had hit George then George pled self defense in his shooting of Trayvon.

It makes no difference what ethnicity they were or if either was gay, or religious or had gender changes.
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