On this forum, I've tried my best to convey to you, my friends, how it was to grow up in rural mid America. I do this, as I feel, most of you might not have a feeling for that environment . I certainly understand that there are many experiences that you have had that I have not. All of us have had unique experiences. This is what is so great about this forum. We can all benefit from our expressing these experiences. Diversity makes us better.

Let me give an example to of a person who does not agree with me.

First some background. I definitely have conservative family members. They discovered the Internet and emails about 2003. Everyday I receive viral conservative emails forwarded by several members. Since they are on each others mailing list I most times get the same emails five times. But they all have personal friends on their list also. Some times, I would take these assertions and fact check them. If I found discrepancies I would state them and hit "reply all"

One time got a reply from a woman, yelling at me for giving her the facts. I responded to her that I thought that everyone should hear different sides and the truth. She responded back stating she only wanted to hear the "news" with which she agreed.

Not me.

As for not knowing any black folks until I went to college. Until I was in the eighth grade, I attended a one room country school where one teacher gave instruction . We shared books. In my 7th grade, there were 13 students from grades 1-8. All seven years I only had one grade mate, Max who lived across the section from me . One mile as the crow flies and two miles walking around the gravel and dirt road. I wore over-alls to school until the 6th grade when my folks let me wear jeans . I went to town , pop 6,000, about every two or three weeks when we went shopping around the town square. I went with my folks. Didn't go to the diner or fast food. Just did shopping then back home. Sometimes I was able to stop by the library to check out a few books.

Up until I was 12, I probably knew 15 people within 2 years of my age.

When I was in 8th grade I went to a small rural town school with about 100 students 10-12 grades . There were 21 in my class. All white. Most Christian . I did compete against African -American athletes in high school from other schools.

Did I ever have any negative feelings toward African Americans? Absolutely not. In fact, I have always supported their equality in our society. I have even protested. I've organized protests.

I attempt to treat everyone the same. The color of a persons skin is not an issue for me. I taught 32 years in Dodge City Ks. Dodge City has some african Americans but they close to 45% Hispanic of which, most are Mexican. I thoroughly endorsed mult-culturism when I taught. I lived in an area that was considered a Hispanic neighborhood . Me, I called it home. I was one of the few White non Hispanics living on my block.

Does all this make me special? Hell, No. It's just what I've done. We have all had experiences.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time