I wasn't being cheeky...
...I was seriously trying to understand his p.o.v.

A bit like carp, not having a clue about the insult
thrown at the Obamas with the image of WaterMelons
being grown in the WhiteHouse Rose Garden.

It's easy to miss the impact if you've never been
exposed to this long standing cultural stereotyping.

There's always the chance that Mr.B has no idea of
the phenomenon of cops pulling over black teens
and escorting them to an out-of-the-way location
where they proceed to beat the snot out of them...
or "shooting them while escaping"... without
consequences, cops carrying a "throw-down" piece
to the scene in order to prove "self defense"...

Most white people are vaguely aware of it... but
would rather "not know" whereas others know full
well but are afraid to face the retribution of speaking
out about it...esp. since "nothing will come of it".

Professor Yoyo posted a thread called "Being Black"
wherein Levar Burton talks about the recommended
procedure when being pulled over by "The LAW", but
they didn't go into detail about the consequences
of not taking those steps (in order to not wind up
either getting dragged from your vehicle and having
your head cracked open just for asking why you were
being pulled over, or being found in a shallow grave.)

So, yeah.. this case strikes a raw nerve (as it should)
so I was having a problem wrapping my head around
accepting the verdict as "Justice Served" N.Q.A.

Like I said... Now that these incidence** are coming
to light in the glaring spotlight of public attention,
perhaps public opinion will become public outcry,
and this latest run of Jim Crow Justice will finally
be discussed and ultimately resolved.
Like the Viral video of the different reactions between
the black vs white teen fiddling with the bike lock,
And the Boston Professor arrested for 'breaking into
his own house... even after showing his identification
and the ratio of black-to-white teens succumbing to
the "Stop & Frisk" Laws... and many other examples...