We had a lot of fun during spring break this past April. Stayed down at Islamorada, which is just south of Key Largo, the first key.

We had a great time down there. Went to a Heat game vs Knicks. Sucks that Lebron & Wade were "injured". Yeah, right. Anyway, took my son deep sea fishing were we were surrounded by puking people! Yuck! ha. Drove down to Key West to say we saw it and then drove back. Wasn't our kind of place...too touristy.

Dusty doing his thing. We ended up cooking and eating those trigger fish that were a nuisance. Boy, those things are good!

Beautiful sunset

Manatee that came into harbor. You can see where a boat had beaten it up some time.

Pelican posing...actually, he was waiting while I filleted the fish

Key West

another sunset

on the way to fish