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During the time of the incident, Zimmerman was heard on tape saying something like, these people get away with it all the time.

Racist Statement? Did he mean by "these" people -- any male wearing a hoodie? Or did he mean "people of color"? Had he already decided that the person was up to illegal activity and that the person was a male black person? So if Z was believing those things,I can see why he didn't want to engage in "nice" "polite" conversation suggested by some --

"do you live around here? are you lost? can I be of help? are you feeling ill, may I direct you or help you get to where you are going?" Z had already decided this guy was potentially dangerous.

I hope the Attorney General [or in a possible Civil Case] has the opportunity to disclose Z's background activities and racial profiling.

This case has set a precedent.


IMO Even... "I represent the Neighborhood Watch,
Mind if I ask who you are, and where you're going
at this time of night, and on private property?"
...would have avoided the physical confrontation.

I'd also like to know more about How the weapon
that was SUPPOSEDLY down the back of his pants
got into GZ's hands (that were pinned at his sides)
unless the weapon was already in his hand when
Trayvon slammed him to the ground.....? And was
being knocked to the ground itself the cause of
the injuries to the back of his head.. rather than
the "head-slamming-on-concrete" defense he had
prepared(?) for when law enforcement arrived...

he-said/he.....er... couldn't say....? whistle

just too many loose ends smirk