Had MrZ randomly bumped into TM and an altercation occurred, I might could have agreed...
BUT MrZ contacted 911 and they TOLD HIM NOT TO PURSUE ! But He DID anyway... so from that point it was HIS responsibility for the outcome.... HE FAILED... therefore he should take his "GOP responsibility" and the Rx that goes with it !! He provoked a situation* & killed an innocent, UNARMED kid !! PERIOD ! mad

*We don't know the words said - but just his presence provoked a confrontation ! I suspect he reiterated the same BS he told the 911 operator. Otherwise even if TM did attack him (doubtful), why would a 17 yr old kid attack a totally unknown stranger without provocation ?? ... unless said stranger confronted him in a menacing way, or said harsh words to him.
THINK McFly- THINK !! wink
David (OFI)