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Overall figures do not necessarily affect the individual. Unless of course they become legal.

Then there is such as this.. An anecdotal case where farmers were overheard talking about how immigration had busted an onion harvest with helicopters and road vehicles converging on the spot..
"who is going to pick the onions unless they are illegals?"
"mechanical harvesting is not viable?"
"no way. It all has to be done by hand."

This is in a land where all illegals have to risk drowning in a leaky boat to get here.

Right, so there's a problem that needs solving. Seems to me there are three options:

A) Seal the border; forcibly deport illegal workers.

B) Do nothing.

C) Seal the border; legalize illegal workers already here.

Obviously those are vastly simplified, but are the gists ;-)

A) Doesn't seem practical without becoming even more of a police state than we already are ...

B) Doesn't really solve anything, but is what government naturally wants to do ...

C) Seems the only option as at least US natives and newly-legal immigrants can compete on a level playing field, as opposed to employers being able to undercut the natives by exploiting a vulnerable immigrant resource ...