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Jobs are jobs.

finding work is .. finding work.

While I'd debate that jobs are all equal, I would agree that for a desperate unemployed citizen any job should be better than not earning anything at all. The question there is wether that really is true in the real world and if so, how many are unable to find *any* job at all due to the presence of illegal workers?

You do not live in the real world if you have to ask the question.

Hmmm ... most of the articles and reports regarding illegal workers I've seen (some here, here, and here) show a net neutral if not slight beneficial impact to the overall workforce and economy. Which isn't to say some segments aren't impacted (employment for males w/o a high school diploma seem to be hardest hit, for example), but the overall economy and employment appear to benefit somewhat ...

... And lest you think the answer so obvious the question needn't even be asked, even this Fox News article feels the need to present two sides of the debate ...