Why is everybody blaming Our Southern Cousins
(just as I consider Canadians our Northern Cousins)
for a lack of jobs (INDUSTRY) that they are NOT
Responsible For?

Ted's Job was ultimately shipped to CHINA!
The people should be pisssed that "PINHEAD INC."
was responsible for putting us into Crushing Debt
to finance TWO Unnecessary Wars "on the dime"
for which Pres, Obama is now forced to tap-dance
around to appease the country that owns us to
keep them from calling in the loans? eek

Now the unemployed are being manipulated into
blaming Mexico for their dire straits? WTF?

Even the greedy SOBs that used Tax Loopholes
by putting Americans out of work by opening
Sweat-Shops South of the Border grew fat while
the workers starved, and still had to take their
chances by crossing the borders...

"Rigged Game" indeed

The only justice so far is that Ted's millionaire
ex-boss who outsourced his specialized skill
overseas is in the process of losing his family
business due to the Law Suits rolling in every
day from American's suffering from the inferior
materials being implanted in their bodies. frown

* As Sam Kinison would say; *

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