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True, but I'm under the impression that the percentage of out-of-work citizens actually competing for those types of jobs is relatively small vs. the overall pool of Americans looking for work. Certainly some segments of job-seekers are impacted more than others, but the studies I've read/heard about show the immigrant workforce, both legal and illegal, actually has a net neutral or slightly positive effect on the job market and economy overall ... and that legalizing undocumented workers would provide additional net benefits ...

However, I take (and agree with) your point.
even though my sig. other has been out of work
for the past 2 years, it had nothing to do with
anyone other than his flint-hearted (ex)boss.
Ted suffered a heart attack, and the bassturd
called him back early (thus ending his disability)
only to lay him off a week later so he could
cancel his insurance too. frown

That said, Ted was so highly skilled in his field
that he set the Industry ISO Standards. But
pushing 60 with a pre-existing condition has
become a death sentence.

Yeah.. I know, "Life Sux, then you die."

I believe there's enough work to go around in America,
if the bassturds would only stop rigging the game.