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While it's probably true that a Mexican is not
very likely to steal a Corporate Lawyer's Job,
you're not taking into account that someone trying
to support a family by picking fruit might feel
a bit more pressured, esp. if that's the only
work to be found for a hundred miles of his home.

...doesn't even have to be an illegal alien...
in some cases the migrant pickers might even be
a college student on Walk-About that your boss
hires for the duration of the YEARLY HARVEST
willing to work for a $1 less than you can manage on.

True, but I'm under the impression that the percentage of out-of-work citizens actually competing for those types of jobs is relatively small vs. the overall pool of Americans looking for work. Certainly some segments of job-seekers are impacted more than others, but the studies I've read/heard about show the immigrant workforce, both legal and illegal, actually has a net neutral or slightly positive effect on the job market and economy overall ... and that legalizing undocumented workers would provide additional net benefits ...