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There is a segment of the population that seem to think that illegal aliens will take jobs from citizens,

I also wonder if those who think that this is not so would still think that if they thought their job was in jeopardy

Unlikely scenario, since most of those jobs are ones most US citizens wouldn't deign to have in the first place ...

While it's probably true that a Mexican is not
very likely to steal a Corporate Lawyer's Job,
you're not taking into account that someone trying
to support a family by picking fruit might feel
a bit more pressured, esp. if that's the only
work to be found for a hundred miles of his home.

...doesn't even have to be an illegal alien...
in some cases the migrant pickers might even be
a college student on Walk-About that your boss
hires for the duration of the YEARLY HARVEST
willing to work for a $1 less than you can manage on.