I am still "family" with my ex and children. We celebrate holidays together and remain friendly. We enjoy each other's company. If there were any money to be had by my ex, I would not expect or want any of it. He has been married and divorced again. Raised three of that ex-wife's children.

If wife #2 wanted to try and get money -- her problem, not mine.

I would leave that money struggle to the Martins and do not want to know how it ends up. Their business the way I see it.

I am a few blocks around the corner from being "poor." Thing is, I'm happy, have what I need, and loving family and friends. Money would put a crimp in my life. I've always known I never really wanted to win a big lottery. Didn't stop me from buying tickets though. It is fun to imagine winning, always knowing my chances were like a snowball in h e double toothpick.