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Any Zimmerman story linked to Drudge Yahoo News, ABC, AP, etc., . has comments sections filled with rage from (obviously) white rightwingers stocking up ammo and making comments to take on the black looters and rioters vigalante style. They're aching for a race war to go kill black people. If rioting does occur, and cities burn and looting happens, I feel there's enough racist wackos who are feeling power-in-numbers to counter them with deadly violence. People gotta stay cool, the gun fanatics have changed everything.

Went over to Drudge and read a fist-full of them. Most are from a CBS station in Florida. Biased? Na, couldn't be.

Keep our fingers crossed for no riots. One article mentioned peace gathering spots but didn't say where.

Kumbya time fer sure. I'm the alto. Need voices. wink