I loved his comment "This Bill has as much to do withIllegal Immigration as Sarah Palin did mapping the human genome !!" laugh

We have deficits to eliminate and control but we can throw $46 billion to a nonexistent problem. (OH we have 12 million illegals HERE do deal with, but all this border BS doesn't touch that problem. THAT's a different issue ! )

Besides that we can CONTROL illegals working here by setting up a system like Germany has... you have to have some kind of document that proves you're a legal citizen. In this electronic era, you can tie biological data to it (fingerprints, retina scans, genetic and medical information, etc) so it's hard as hell to counterfeit! No documentation - no work. Illegals can arrive all day and night but they won't stay without a job ! Yeah it's a little "1984-ish", but we already have that in a SS number and card... just make it electronic and bioinformatic so someone with a $200 laser printer can't duplicate ! Hold employers accountable ! This is much more logical and effective than a border surge = a $46 billion pile of crap ! (and handout to the MI Complex)
David (OFI)