He was staking that kid
he got his arse "grounded & pounded"

Since when is it not fair to fight back
when you find yourself in a perceived-threatening
situation (being followed by some ((nut?)) in a
vehicle for who knows what purpose --- apparently
to the kids mind --- just for walking while black
anywhere south of the Mason/Dixon Line)

He tried to evade the "stalker" the guy left his
vehicle to pursue him on foot... no doubt the
guy was armed... but again... to what purpose...?

I have no doubt that the kid did what he could
under the circumstances... he got the jump on him.

Not saying he should get the death sentence...
...just saying HE'S GUILTY AS A FUK! mad
otherwise it's a travesty of justice when an armed
man can take it upon himself to initiate an
incident by setting himself up as a judge, jury,
and potentially, executioner without consequence.


sorry... I get infuriated with chicken-crap guyse
sticking a gun down their pants ...going off to
make themselves feel like a man.

sorry... you asked for my opinion YOU GOT IT!