Wanted to share some photos of my chondros. Took these today. I'm surprised not many people that I know of keep them. They are a lot easier and calmer than what you think.

This is "Judith". She's a fairly large girl that I acquired last year. She's over 1200 grams and as gentle as you can get. Awesome snake!

This is "one eye" or "popeye". He was hatched this way..one eye and slightly deformed jaw. I got her from a breeder in Maryland who basically gave him to me. Had this male been normal, he would have sold for $4K. He eats just fine!

This is a possible female that I got from the breeder in Colorado. I got it cheaper because it had a skin fold. It's still undetermined how skin folds happen..could be too large perches when young, larger food items when young, genetic (but doubtful), or whatever. Anyway, you can't see it now and it doesn't affect it at all.

This is a Cyclops locality type. Since exact local collection point is unknown, it's based on what have been seen in the wild. This was CBB by a guy in California. It's in shed.

And i have 2 caged together for breeding purposes..pics later.

Here are my other snakes in my collection

Male Amazon Basin Emerald tree boa

Female Basin

Sand boa produced by guy 2 streets over

Corn snake produced by me

Christmas mountain alterna grey banded king. This guy is very cool.

Female Blairs grey banded king. She's a nice snake too.