I started out as the #1 Poster @ MacWorld.com
as far as I know my Thread within The MacGabbery*
Forum is still the longest in MacWorld history.

I'd joined MacCentral very very very briefly when
Wotz-his-name Snell changed the MW Format, and
he said, "anyone that doesn't like it can leave!.
there's a perfectly nice forum, our Sister Forum,
called, 'MacCentral.com' go over there & play."

To his surprise, it began a mass migration, not
because we ever lost our affection for the
'Mother-Ship' but rather we were tired of Jason.

MacCentral was my first stop, I made perhaps 2
posts under the user name "James Portzeebee",
din't like the format, and wandered off to seek
my fortune in a few more MacForms, but wound
up back in MacWorld ...for a while.

The World Trade Incident was the straw that broke
the camel's back....... from the amount of forum
hopping I witnessed in those next few months,
it seemed to have kicked the stool out from
under lots of folks. frown

* "MacGabbery"
was the 2nd MW Social Forums, "GeneralGabbery"
GenGab was like this Lounge, MacGab was MacChat.

in anycase, all the social forums were deleted
a couple months after me & almost 20 of us
left for the final time...
...crumbs frown where has the last 12 years gone?

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