Well, CC is installed (Ai, Ps, Id, Br, Mu, Dw). There is no CC versions of Acrobat X1 Pro or Fireworks. Though, so far, it seems to perform well and the changes in some apps are minimal, it appears that Adobe CSRs and tech support are not nearly as up to speed as they should be.

The other day, I asked the rep if the CC apps would overwrite the CS6 apps, like any update. He said yes. Not the case. All CS6 apps are still there, and fully functional. I also asked if I would be able to open Dw CS6 files in Muse (a reborn version of PageMill, AKA Web Design for the HTML Challenged). I was told I could. It ain't so. Worse, Dw CC crashes every time I try to open a file CS6 files, or new/original CC files.

I uninstalled and re-installed it three times. Trashed prefs, removed application support files, cleaned caches, deactivated a bunch of fonts, and spent more than two hours on the phone with tech support (with them remotely on my desktop). I even upgraded Suitcase to Fusion 5, which is supposed to support Creative Cloud. No joy. At least I still have Dw CS6 available in the meantime, so I'll wait a few days to see if an update or bug fix is released. And I'm loath to call tech support again, because they clearly didn't know what to do.

So... we shall see, no?