I got this about a month ago and have watched about 10-12 movies/programs. I recommend it, but am disappointed Netflix has many movies available on DVD only. I think it's to get people to buy BOTH - streaming and DVD plans.

Lots of good documentaries and science programs like "Walking with Dinosaurs". "Natures Deadliest" etc.

In the spirit of SteveGs movie reviews...here's some excellent movies I found I didn't see in the theaters...

Saints and Soldiers (2004) - Based on actual events, it's about 4 GIs who escape the Malmedy massacre (remember that from the movie Battle of the Bulge) and are trapped 20 mi behind enemy lines. They're trying to get back to American lines when they find a downed British pilot who has vital reconnaissance info and needs to get it to Command center ASAP. Great story and good character development. No big stars in it, only one I recognized was Peter Holden and I had to look him up to get his name. The suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through...

The Red Baron (2008) - (mainly German cast) focuses on Manfred's rise and claim to fame of 80 "kills". Also a romance story also interweaved with a French nurse. Story is nice because it's not all "Dogfights". Didn't realize he was so young when he was shot down. BTW - latest info is that it wasn't Brown that shot him down, but he was shot though the heart by ground fire (based on the angle of the entry and exit of a single bullet wound).

Beneath Hill 60 (2010) -Also based on actual events. A group of Australian miners tunnel under German lines in WWI to snoop (eavesdrop) on German communications. Very interesting story with flashbacks to life in Australia. Good character development.

ENJOY !!! grin
David (OFI)