Be fore-warned that I also use ground Turkey
in place of ground beef, but I've yet to find
anyone who can taste the difference.

wotz the point of taking these so-called secrets
to the grave?

The secret's in adding ALL The Spices during the
initial cooking, while frying the garlic/onions,
and browning the turkey... toss in a teaspoon of
BEEF FLAVORED Bullion, and palmful of chili powder
and ground red pepper (Cayenne) to taste.

I also take a few short-cuts using canned
kidney beans and stewed tomatoes because they're
already 1/2 cooked, to cut down on the cooking time.

That's also when I add the crushed stewed tomatoes
and fry them in with the meat to move things along.
(Ted gets too impatient to wait once the aroma
begins to permeate the apartment. Otherwise by the
time it's done to perfection, the pot's empty! shocked wtf?)

When the beans are as tender as you like them,
add the last few herbs & spices with properties
that otherwise change during cooking: Oregano,
a pinch of cumin & cilantro that tend to get bitter
with too much cooking as volatile oils boil away,
and that's also when I stir in the Chipotle that
I've ground to a paste, and Dark Chocolate.

Sorry... I prefer beans in my chili...
...and I also prefer it served over Jasmine rice.

Whether over rice, or on a chilidogs, I top
either with diced sweet onions & cheddar cheese.

Now I don't have to mail it... can make yer'own. wink

Add Beer... or Tequila...whatever...
"OWN THE CHILI"! Have Fun! grin