I just got back from living off the grid for a week.

I toured along the shores of Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and the UP, camping in the boonies along the way. I rode back roads all the way up and back. Surprisingly, there was not much traffic at all. During some of the rides near the lakes, I did not see another vehicle for quite a bit of time which was quite nice.

Fully loaded along RT 119 in Michigan (Tunnel of Trees):

Breakfast via Mountain House:

Lunch along the way...beef jerky and a banana worked well!

One of my campsites (I carry a tarp too):

Of course, had to get one of the bridge!

Fun road to a campsite on a fully loaded motorcycle!

There was no cell phone reception for most of the time. I did have several offline apps for maps that were very helpful and did copy a road atlas. I really missed the weather apps but did not miss email at all. I had to watch my iPhone battery life having no power. I could charge it with my motorcycle battery but wanted to limit it to once a day. I tried a solar battery and a solar battery charger and three cell batteries. The solar battery worked well but the other one did not do so well and is more for 12v systems.