Pleurisy's a b1tch! Feels like being shot in the
chest every time you try to draw a deep breath.
whenever I'd have a bout, my dad would use an
old country method of wrapping his belt around my
chest and cinching it just loose enough for you
to breath, but just tight enough to prevent you
from involuntarily fully expanding your lungs
(for example, sighing or hic-coughing) until the
initial inflammation subsided.

As a child, I was subject to asthma, pleurisy, and
chronic bronchitis (which I still have)

Duh most of which "miraculously cleared-up" once
I left home (moved away from the chemical factory
across the street that was later designated as
a 'Super-Fund Site'.) crazy

As for losing the significant other (*again) I'm
about to face that prospect once again next week.

Ted's already had 2 heart attacks, and has taken
up smoking again one of his buddies has
asked him to show up next week to dig enough
post-holes to erect a picket fence. eek

* I've a record rivaling Nathan Bedford Forrest.
I'm starting to think I'm jinxed. blush
Seriously, how does one dissuade a strong-minded
individual from doing whateverthefuktheywantu,
even though you can see the cliff from way off...?