Hot dogs have come a long way from what they were when I was younger...back then you got a wienie on a bun, mustard and katsup, all for 10 cents..while a hamburger was 15 cents.

Several years ago a man in our town opened a hot dog house, just dogs of all kinds...30 different styles based on their city of origin so you could have a different dog each day of the month, he did a really good business, so much so that one of the local bbq shacks that was equally good in their own right bought him out and moved their shack over to his dog house, serving both dogs and bbq...after a few weeks they cut back the number of hot dog styles to just the basic 5 or 6, as a result both the hot dogs and bbq fell off...they are only open just for lunch 4 days a week now...should have left the dogs alone