...so... what's with the "rescue"?

Each species of butterfly lays it's eggs on a
specific species of plant that their larvae can
feed on as caterpillars until they morph into

At every stage of this 2-3 week process, they
are vulnerable to ants, spiders, mantises, and
birds. In nature you'd get one mature butterfly
out of every hundred eggs laid.

We grow many of the host species for various
species of butterflies in our gardens to increase
the likelihood of them locating the specific plant
they need when the time comes.

By checking the plants every few days, we're often
able to take the eggs into "protective custody"
we increase the chances of reaching maturity
and flying off to perpetuate their species as
much as 95-100%.

If some of them deposit some eggs before moving
on it accounts for about 1/10 of what they'll lay,
but as I said, that 10% will yield nearly 100%
of success.

wth... it keeps us off the streets crazy