Well, thank goodness for iKey.

It constantly amazes me that the Mac OS is set up so that operations that can all be performed using a keyboard require a mouse to complete them. In this case, it's editing events in iCal (or adding them, if you add them by double-clicking on the day/time as I do). You can fill in the entire event details using the keyboard - but then there's no Save key combo. I've had to make a mouse move-and-click shortcut in iKey to click on the Done button, since there's no equivalent item in the iCal menu. Cmd-E to finish editing doesn't return you to the calendar, just to the Revert/Edit pane, and then you have to click on a button again.

Accessibility my arse.


I love iKey with a fiery passion.
If it's brokenless, don't suffix it...