I hope they keep it up and their whole party DIES !! (becomes extinct not dead)

Yep yep, the GOP is suffering from a virus, there are 10 signs if one is infected wink
I give you, # 6
Republicans believe that while John McCain wasn't a true-blue Republican, he would have been an adequate placeholder for their real candidate, Sarah Palin. Had McCain been elected, it would have only been a matter of time before Palin occupied the Oval Office. But McCain/Palin were cheated: Barack Obama wasn't eligible to run for office because he wasn't born in the US; the liberal media duped a majority of Americans into believing that Obama was an American, a nice guy with a populist agenda; and real Americans - Republicans -- were intimidated by Obama's coalition of leftists, homosexuals, Jews, Negroes, and "the people our parents warned us about." cool laugh
the other 9 I'm sure your more then aware of lol!! Who knows in the line of work your in there might be a nobel prize in your future, start working on a vacine !!! You might get your wish Dave about the partty becoming extinct, so far there isn' t a vacine to cure
Republican disease