That sums up the whole F-ing GOP for the last 5 years on about EVERY issue (not just this one) !!
Sorry - it's so juvenile and arrogant !
1. Bush spends like drunken sailor- paid for NOTHING ! Now it's we have to spend less !! Cut, cut, cut !! (while we were in a severe repression!) To HeLL with those that lost everything !!
2. We have a snafu in Benghazi - lose an ambassador- "Impeach BO and fire Hillary !!" Never mind there were 12 diplomats killed under Bush and we suffered 911 killing 3000 civilians and more wasted on a war of choice under W !!
F-ing 3 yr old morons !! I hope they keep it up and their whole party DIES !! (becomes extinct not dead)

I can't too talk much my Rep is Louie Gomert (about as nuts as Bachmann, Palin, and Angle )
I call him Gomert Pyle !! wink

David (OFI)