Well Lee ventured 1 other time into the Union... at Antietam (1862). That also was a disaster and the Union got some lucky breaks .... like Burnside at the bridge ! But I'm glad it turned out the way it did.

NOT excusing some northern A-holes, but if the southern culture didn't keep this damm thing going for 150 years, maybe their attitudes would be different. It's the whole TP type intolerance and GW Bush arrogance - my way or the highway !! sick

BTW _ I don't think the South could have ever beaten the North... BUT had they won Gettysburg, England might have recognized them as a country and we still might be fighting today (or at least many years past 1865) ! So again - I'm glad Gettysburg turned out the way it did. Get it OVER ! .... and for some GET OVER IT !! laugh
David (OFI)