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A man in Florida killed a dog the family kept, then cooked it.

Police arrested him. Wow. Farmers beware. Asians don't wok your family animals.


I know , folks wil say that it's a cute little animal. Some folks keep other animals that they pet and hug and hand feed. Rabbits come to mind. Then they kill and eat them. Why not a dog.


You got a little too deep again, and of course CNN uses high schoolers for interns, so not the full story.

From what I've read it wasn't in this guy's culture, he just flipped out and killed the family dog. To those of us in Western culture eating domesticated animals is a bit on the far side, and we have animal cruelty laws, he strangled the puppy.

We all understand other cultures Dave, but that had nothing to do with it. This guy has mental issues.

When his motherís new pet was missing and she found the dogís head in the garbage and her son boiling the dogs ribs on the stove, she called police. When police arrived Huggins told them that the dog got aggressive so he killed it and cut it up for food. He acted as though he didnít see anything wrong with this.

He was arrested on animal cruelty charges. His mother said sheís never known him to be violent. His sister said that he had been showing signs of mental illness and he has adopted extreme religious beliefs lately.