Except for maybe things like fresh green onions and radishes I haven't used a salt shaker in at least 20 years. I don't have one on the table or counter. It's a spice to me, not a daily meal additive. I use a Sea Salt grinder when I do use salt, I like the flavor much more.

There is enough sodium in anything prepackaged, and when I cook I've learned to use spices instead of salt. When cooking a small amount of salt is necessary help to enhance flavors, and I mean very small. Not enough to taste the salt but enough to excite the aroma molecules in the food and other spices.

If you have one sitting at the desk it's no wonder you're swelling. Learn to eat without it. It does take a while to get your taste buds used to it. If you like it on eggs try something like cumin or oregano or curry or hot sauce instead. Parsley works too.

The body needs some sodium but we get more than enough unless we eat no prepackaged foods.