That's just the 'skeeters...

they failed to mention Lyme disease carrying Ticks
that are spreading country wide due to the Winter
temperatures not falling below the threshold at
which they would normally have died,

and still doesn't take into account Crop & Forest
killing insects that are spreading at a rate of acres
per day.


...and let God sort them out." cry

except that we're also killing off The Pollinators. eek

Wait 'til you see what THAT does
to the Price of Rice In China!

...and India...and The Former USSR, and The USofA laugh

There's a point at which
you have to laugh to keep from crying
and see things in a George Carlin sort of way.

"We Fukt-Up! Now Sit Back & Enjoy The Show!"

for those of you with GrandKids...
"Sorry 'bout'Dat" wink