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There are also millions who proudly claim to be Christians and I would argue they do not support the commandments, tenants or ideas of Christianity.

It's not a matter of pissing off the establishment it is showing the establishment life is diverse and and not just a one way street.

It is done to make themselves visible. Any minority knows what invisibility feels like.

After all of the above, I wound up not as an atheist
but rather a Naturalist (nekkid tree-huggers ROCK! cool

...But seriously.. as an environmental activist,
I stand behind the words inscribed on the monument;
It's better to do what we can to make life on Earth
sustainable, rather than waiting for Divine Intervention

edit to add:
I think the point wasn't to pish people off, but as
Leslie pointed out, that there is an alternative, AND
that speaking out opens the door to Healthy Discussion
concerning the prejudice against NON-Religious Citizens.

IMO, much the same as the Trayvon Martin Case opens
a conversation that's long long long overdue.

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