You're NOT gonna' believe this:

Aside from having that EXACT SAME salt shaker*
*a restaurant shaker.. that "followed me home" blush

...sitting on my desk right beside me...

for the first time in my life I'm having SERIOUS
issues with my feet swelling to the point that I
can't get my feet into my favorite KEEN Sandles. frown

I just got turned onto the use of Finishing Salts

Here's the kicker: JUST YESTERDAY I used a credit
I was owed via PayPal to purchase a "SALT CELLAR"
for the express purpose of adding that "Finishing
Touch" to almost every meal, from Oatmeal - Steak

Gary's post that prompted me to make the connection:
I Goggled: "Does SALT cause feet to swell?"

"This little salt dish stands 1 1/2" tall (at the rim) and 1 3/4"
in diameter. Made of clear glass, it is round with bubbly
ribs all around the outside. It has a lid with a round
finial and a cut-out to accommodate the plastic salt spoon
which is included.
This piece is in excellent condition, with no nicks, chips
or flakes."

sometimes you just can't win for losing frown