Not a big deal. In many cultures dog meat is considered a delicacy . That's all. It's fine with me . Also not every culture in the world has the same culinary appetite as the U.S.

On TV last night they were serving pigs ear sandwiches . I'm sure that wouldn't be cool in many cultures even some here in this country.

My point is, that not knowing anymore than from the article , this man may have been exercising his taste challenge.

Back in Dodge after the influx of Vietnamese, there were rumors around that neighborhood cats and dogs were going missing suggesting that the Vietnamese were harvesting them.

One evening a young student of mine was explaining this over dinner. Saying that in Vietnam food was hard to come by so any meat was welcome. He continued saying that when his people came here they continued to eat what they could. The same boy explained his diffulculty in getting across to America. Of the our bats that started the journey only three made it. One whole boatload drowned but his boat was lucky no one drowned.

Sometimes people are put in circumstances where they need to adapt to survive.

Not sure about this guy though.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time