I've seen several articles lately about new more aggressive species of mosquitoes. The Tiger mosquito is one. And it feeds all day long not just at dawn and dust like the local varieties. Warmer weather and milder winters exacerbates the mosquito problem. In 2010 we had ~ 712 cases of W. Nile virus, in 2012 we had over 7,000 because of the much milder winter.

Now here's what concerns me... the CDC was founded in 1946 to control malaria in the SE USA... southern GA, FL, and along the Gulf coast. Because of pesticides and the climate - they were able to eradicate malaria in the US. So was Yellow Fever in the early 1900s - the last epidemic was in New Orleans in 1905! With the climate warming and new varieties of mosquitos moving in, is another fall out of Global warming the resurgence of malaria, Yellow fever and several types of viral encephalitis (like WNV) in the US ?? eek
If that happens it could be very costly !! (not just in lives)
David (OFI)