I've no problem with their right to have a monument but how big a group do they really represent? Andin group I mean the number of individuals who have their name on a role indicating they belong to this group.

Oh, sure, there are millions who proudly claim to be atheists but have each these even tacitly indicated they support those commandments , tenants or ideas. Or is this the result of a small group of folks who want to piss off the establishment ant have the money to bring suit to get this done.

Dose this mean any group with the money can now erect their monument ? Are we to expect such from Hindus, Buddst, wicans, Free Masons, Unitarians, Muslims, Nudists?

Maybe they can cover the whole area with monument so it looks like a grave yard.

I agree in their right, but why do it

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time