I live in a very small town where most of the buildings are single story...we do have on 5 story condo, and my building that is 9 stories I am on the 7th floor...with a great view I might add....last Sunday I was scheduled to open my store at 6am, went down to the elevators to go to work, and both of them were out of order because of a lightning storm that went thru Saturday night...so I walked down 7 floors worth of steps, no big deal...got back home Sunday afternoon and maintenance had one elevator up and running, the other one had to have some parts ordered and would be out of order for about a month.

Everything went along ok for the next few days, Wednesday afternoon we had 5 fire trucks from two fire districts, rescue squad and ems personnel, police and assorted city workers rush to my building. Someone pulled the fire alarm because they smelled electrical smoke...nothing was found and the everybody went home, the one elevator that was working was ok and still working....Thursday I get home to find the same rescue team at the building again, this time someone was stuck in the one remaining elevator, would not go up or down...stuck inbetween floors...the person was rescued and safe, and the last elevator was shut down for safety reasons...so I had to walk up 7 floors worth of steps...I made it up to the third floor before I had to stop and rest...two more floors stop and and rest...two more and I was home...but now we have no elevators and everybody has to take the stairs....not too bad for me but we have people in wheel chairs and walkers that are just stuck in their condos until the elevators are fixed...in about a month...if they can find the parts they need because the elevator company has been out of business for years...having lots of fun walking up and down those stairs