Sometimes we expect too much from our audience - perhaps telling a joke that requires the listener to have certain life experiences they don't have.

Case in point: I had dinner with some in-laws the other night. They told me a joke that goes like this:
Q.: How can you tell a Finlander likes you?
A.: He stares at your shoes.

Now, the people of Finnish descent that've settled around here for the last century are generally extreme introverts. But if you haven't observed that, either through lack of contact or not paying attention to people in that way, you won't get the joke.

I told it to several different people the following day, and no one got it. laugh The joke was on me.

No problem - everyone at the dinner table the other night got it and guffawed. smile
"Seek for the merit in others, even the tiniest shred. Then do the same in yourself"
-Reb Nachman