I don't use the word because I know what it
feels like to be the object of discrimination.

Having left Alabama to serve in WWII, my dad
met & married my Italian American mother and
brought her back to live and raise a family
in Birmingham.

It was before I came along... but from what I
understand, they made her life sheer Hell from
Day One:
"I-TALIAN? Why didn't you just marry a 'N-word'?"

I didn't come along until they were living back
in good ol', ethnically diverse, New Jersey.

When I fell in love with, and married a Jewish
fellow, I got blasted with his family's version
of the same kind of Bullshirt Discrimination.

Lumped with what you guyze don't even recognize
as an issue or problem (easy to do when you're
not the object of the discrimination) of sexual
discrimination, of a life time of 'Being put in
my place' as a "woman". WTF? So I'm still not
considered to be a full PERSON In my Own Right?

ref: John Lennon

Just WTHell was wrong with "NANCY PEL-O-SI"?
(DRIPPING with all the derision "THEY" could
possibly lump onto the 2 Italian female words.)

...and GOOD Freakin' Luck, "HIL-AR-Y"!. .