I grew up in a racist family. It was a common usage. We even chanted those phrases like " last one there is a n****r baby. We told racist jokes.


Interesting thing is that in our basic community we had no interaction with African Americans. I went to a small country school. Thirteen in grades 1-8. Then i went to a town school for grades 8-12. all white. In no time did my schools teach discrimination. By that time we all were becoming less ignorant and gigured out myself the injustice that existed. When I went to college at Pittsburg Kansas in '63 was when I first had interaction and friendship with African Americans.

My dad was racists, but he wouldn't mistreat anyone, and if there were a black family on the side of road I know he would stop to help.

Recently I've heard a couple of my siblings refer to our President in racist terms and I get those hatefull viral emails from a couple of my family. A lot ofthe time I find counter links to throw back at them and the others on their mailing list.

An interesting conundrum, for my favorite brother inlaw was in the last two elections. He is a lifetime democrat but, at the sametime has equal feelings against blacks. I honestly don't know who he voted for. My sister is republican. But they don't talk politics together. Hehehe.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time