Hey guys, hows it going?

Just thought Id pop in. I have a bit of spare time on a lazy-ish Friday afternoon so I thought Id look up some old haunts.

The day Adobes creative cloud went live I signed up crazy as that sounds. That was pretty much the top of the week.The special discount rates for the first year sounded good to me. Though Ive messed with Premiere and Flash in the past, the heavy lifters for me are Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and, to a lesser extent lately, InDesign. So, really, on a daily basis all Im using is three apps from the suite - but they are very much my bread and butter.

The ability to run all of the latest apps is very appealing to me. Photoshop CC in particular launches very quickly. None of them feel like slouches and the interface is evolving nicely - flatter, leaner.

I realize that, having stepped in this direction, theres likely no going back. Adobe has bet the farm that subscription-based design software is the way to go and I dont see them backing down. They expect the wave of dissidents to dwindle to a trickle. I think theyve made a sound bet.

If Im having a good year in the business, then six bills a year is a price Im willing to pay to have year-round access to the full slate of Adobes latest and greatest tools. Plus I just dig the workflow and smooth interoperability. Hey, if there was a solid competing suite that was cheaper and was as slick, Id be all over it. The production bureaus I deal with would have to be good with those tools, mind you.

Meantime Im enjoying Illustrator 17 (!) and the other goodies.

Cheers from Toronto yall,