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No Problum... smirk


blush I must be the only person on the planet that has never watched The Sopranos. blush

The reason Tony & Christie are inseparable in my mind
is because I'm intimately acquainted with every un-filled eek
pot-hole along that drive from the Holland Tunnel to
Essex Fells. The Belleville Turnpike is still located a block
from where I presently live, to the short cut I take via
Bloomfield Ave. through Essex Fells to the Master-
Gardener's HQ in Roseland where I do my volunteer work.

Wot ken I say? Those "NO-SHOW" Jobs are amusing, until
you gotta' live with them. smirk NJ infastructure has gone
down the tubes since that Penny-Pinchin' SOB started
planning his GOP US Run, based upon his ability to
"BALANCE THE BUDGET" with his meat-cleaver cuts.