Today Time Warner replaced my cable modem because the one I've had for a year has been dropping signal a lot lately. It's a Moto SurfBoard (the one they issue for the 50MB service). I run a bridge via ethernet cable to a Belkin N750 DB wireless router.

But lo, the new modem includes wifi! It shows up in my wifi list, so I disconnect the Belkin and punch in the WEP key for the Moto and it's off to the races and I'm thinkin' I just cleared another dust collector off my shelf. 'Cept it's losing the race. confused

With the Belkin, my d/l is consistently an eyelash over 50MB down never under. But the Moto would not pull better than 46 + change. Who'd a thunk the bridge would be faster that the direct link.

Anywho, the Belkin is back online, and so is 50MB+ d/l. crazy