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Hillary will be Obama's third term. More policy-starving obstruction. More Repugnican insanity. I'm just sayin' she could accomplish more as a private citizen than a hobbled POTUS if Congress doesn't undergo a sea change.

I agree. Politics is so mucked up, and it will never go back to the old way of talking, discussing, giving/receiving, getting things done. A new era is down the road and something new will evolve. The Republicans say if the Immigration Bill passes, there will be no more Republicans because all immigrants are Democrats!! wink I don't believe that but wonder what ways US Congress will reform to get things done.

Hillary has a nice historical reputation. She doesn't need to be president and the whipping boy girl for Republicbaggers! She can still make more marks in the U.S. / World that will give her pleasure and make us proud.

However! However! I she still has a desire to break the woman for president glass ceiling -- I'm behind her 150%.