What I find amazing about John Entwistle is that
since he's played everything in the band over time
from lead guitar, back-up guitar to Bass, that he can
now manage to do all three and all at the same time. crazy

Ted caught e playing that clip (again)
and I commented about him "now playing all 3"
only to be reminded that "...NOW he's Dead!" frown

if that "SLAM SLAM" style drumming seems FAMILYar...
...That's Zack Starkey (Ringo's son) on the drum kit.

Seen them do "Quadrophenia" LIVE in 1994 @ MSGarden.
t'was Ted who pointed out dead-pan-John plucking away
to one side... after which I wasn't able to take my eyes
off of him ...in spite of the over-the-top antics of the
rest of the group & guests, Quadrophenia being an opera
in the same vein as "Tommy".

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